Jaffe Explains How Heartland Crashed And Burned

Sure, we heard the gory story details of David Jaffe and Incognito's cancelled PSP game Heartland about this time last year. The super emo tale of a Chinese invasion of U.S. soil was said to rip our hearts out. In a fun way! You know, in a burning a Chinese-American family alive way, according to new revelations about the nixed game in the latest Escapist.

Jaffe explains how Heartland came to be and came to not be, as the game was a bad fit with the Warhawk developer from the get go. The intended follow up to God of War was planned as an emotional response to the Bush administration, but at the core, Jaffe says "what we really wanted to do was create the definitive shooter for the PlayStation Portable." That, obviously, didn't happen, and it doesn't sound like it ever will.

Inside David Jaffe's Heartland [The Escapist]


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