Japan Scores More Lost Odyssey DLC

While many in the United States are just finishing their first play-through of Lost Odyssey, the third piece of DLC is now available in Japan. The new dungeon, Seeker of the Abyss, is available to those on the fourth disc. Battling in this underwater tunnel will eventually reward you with the Eternal Magic Engine, an accessory that allows immortals to cast unlimited amounts of spells at the price of exactly 0 MP.

It's a powerful accessory for sure, but is the timing a bit off in giving the player such a powerful item when they're done with the game anyway? I'm not so sure how wonderfully that typical, granular DLC meshes with deep, story-driven RPGs yet. I want more than a bonus mission with the promise of a neat item or two. But for 400 points, the price isn't necessarily all that unreasonable.

Lost Odyssey DLC
[Xbox via Siliconera]


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