Japanese People Love Nintendo Software

Now that the Japanese financial year is over, we can talk about the Japanese financial year. Hardware and software sales were up in 2007. Biggest selling game console in Japan last year? The Nintendo DS. SHOCKING! Here's how the hardware sales played out:

• Nintendo DS: 6,343,547 units sold in 2007 (22,169,761 units cumulative)
• PSP: 3,427,971 units in 2007 (8,574,026 units cumulative)
• Wii: 3,741,946 units in 2007 (5,695,579 units cumulative)
• PS3: 1,197,418 units in 2007 (2,009,492 units cumulative)
• Xbox 360: 235,318 units in 2007 (602,558 units cumulative)

This list isn't in order, because Famitsu didn't include the PS2, and we're pretty sure that console outsold the Xbox 360 in Japan. Hit the jump for the totally unexpected 2007 software sales. You will be shocked.

1. Wii Fit: 1,762,193 copies sold
2. Mario Party DS: 1,659,315 copies sold
3. Wii Sports: 1,616,377 copies sold (total: 2,840,389)
4. Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 1,554,852 copies sold
5. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: 1,354,447 copies sold

Keep in mind: All of these games when on sale either last fall or during the past winter. I dunno, I kinda get the feeling Japanese people like Nintendo...
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