JB Hi-Fi Trade-In Deals, Get GTA IV & Mario Kart Wii on the Cheap

jblogo_left.jpgEcogamer's Anthony has again put together a list of gaming goodies for Kotaku AU, aimed at the cash-strapped. This particular lot focuses on JB Hi-Fi's current trade-in deals.

Anthony mentions that if you're still in the market for a copy of GTA IV or Mario Kart Wii, then these deals might be up your alley... or up the alley next to yours.

Hit the jump for the specifics!

JB Hi-Fi have updated their website with a whole pile of specials. I do not have the energy to write it all, so instead here are the trade in deals. These appear to be the best way to get a hold of Mario Kart Wii and GTA IV.

- Trade in 3 Xbox 360 games and get a game for free: GTA IV, Burnout Paradise, DMC4, Condemned 2, Bully, Army of Two, R6 Vegas 2, Frontlines, MX vs ATV Untamed - Trade in 2 PS3 games and get a game for free: GTA IV, Bunrout Paradise, Condemned 2, Army of Two, R6 Vegas 2, MX vs ATV Untamed - Trade in 2 Wii games and get a game for free: Mario Kart Wii, BWii, Zack and Wiki, Bully, Sega Superstar Tennis - Trade in 3 DS games and get a game for free: Mario Party DS, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, Mario & Sonic Olympics, Cooking Mama 2

The above trade in deals can be found here: http://www.ecogamer.com/content/view/564/6/ The remainder of the JB catalogue can be found here: http://www.ecogamer.com/content/view/566/6/


    Here's hoping they will allow games that everyone wants to get rid of,like Perfect Dark Zero + Kameo.

    Anyone know if Wii Play counts as a Wii game?

    There are no exceptions for DS which is nice.. well except for the Metroid Demo. I tried that and got refused lol :)

    JBs deals are much better than EB and GAME. Less exceptions and in general requires less games to trade in (2 Wii games for MK opposed to 3 at EB)

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