Jug Hero, The New Global Phenomenon

Is Man ever really any happier than when He's playing with a nice pair of jugs? Apparently that's the philosophy behind Jug Hero.

Two players are assigned one jug instrument each, which they blow puffs of air into to score points. Players also "clink" their instruments together in a social "cheers!" that allots them bonus points.

The PC-based game uses a jug peripheral loaded with a microphone (to sense blowing), force-sensor (to sense cheersing/shattering) and a small keyboard (to entertain the hands). But since pictures speak 1,000 words and Flash video speaks...well there are estimates ranging from 10,000 to -208...we have gameplay footage for you after the jump.

If you live around San Mateo, you can check out Jug Hero this May 3rd and 4th at the Maker Faire.

P.S. Anyone who thinks that these people look stupid has not played Guitar Hero in the mirror.

Jug Hero @ Maker Faire [MAKE]


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