Ken Levine On "Really Fucking Stupid" Game Plots

Lots going on in BioShock. Objectivism, for one, but also lots of other moral/ethical/political stuff as well. Fleshing all of that out into some overblown plot must be tough, right? Nope. Because those are themes, not a plot. And while themes can be as weighty or as wanky as they like, BioShock creator Ken Levine says the plot of a game has to be a lot simpler:

If you want people to follow your plot, it has to be really f****** stupid. What are you doing in Bioshock? Act 1: Find the something and do something. But, the something goes somewhere. So, Act 2: You go somewhere and do something.

Simple rule, that, one games like Half-Life 2 do very well, and one that games like Halo not do very well.
Levine: Plot has to be really f***ing stupid [PC Zone, via CVG]


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