Key Metroid Prime Staffers Leave Retro Studios

According to report from Shacknews, three senior staffers at Metroid Prime series developer Retro Studios have left, described as being "escorted off the premises last Friday." Specifics weren't provided, but Shacknews theorises that the move could indicate that the trio, which includes Metroid Prime 3 Corruption director Mark Pacini, is planning to set up shop outside the confines of Retro.

Pacini was quoted last summer that the Retro Studios team would be taking a break from all things Metroid, but may not have had any idea how permanent it would be for some. There have been no announcements about the Nintendo-owned, Austin-based studio's next project, but wherever the recently departed wind up maybe they'll get to put some guns on some cars.

Key Metroid Prime Staff Leave Retro Studios [Shacknews]


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