"Kids Who Don't Play Video Games Are At Risk"

In the aboveGrand Theft Childhood authors Lawrence Kutner and Cheryl Olson talk about their research and findings. Fascinating, intelligent stuff. Watch it.

Thanks Ryan for the tip!


    This was a really interesting watch, especially as I have a 5-year-old who adores video games. I'm very careful with what I allow him to play, or watch me play, but for me, it's more a matter of what might scare him than any fear that playing Grand Theft Auto is going to desensitize him to violence and/or turn him into a criminal.

    One of the most irritating myths to me is when people claim (as they did when I was young) that video games somehow blur the line between fantasy and reality. If anything, they make it MORE obvious - far more so than movies. When you watch something, whether it be on TV or the internet, you can never be sure whether what you're watching is real or staged. However, when you play a game, the distinction is obvious - "I'm controlling this character and affecting his actions. This is not real."

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