Kiwi GTA Modder Might Face Real Cops

Interesting story out of New Zealand. Modder Stacy O'Callaghan, "sick of all this American rubbish" in the GTA franchise, set about modding his PC version (doesn't say which) to include official New Zealand police insignia on the cops and the cop cars.

Now here's a familiar story, modder cooks up something and gets in legal trouble, although it's usually from the software publisher. In this case, "unauthorised use of a police uniform" is an offence under New Zealand's Police Act. And even though it's unclear whether this really fits the definition of that offence, the cops are looking at their options. A cop spokesman said the police are looking into the matter.

Honestly, what the fuck is it with Australasia and Grand Theft Auto? I'll just leave it at that. I've never been to either Australia or New Zealand, but crikey, their collective pants-wetting over American video games, this series in particular, makes them look like the schoolmarms of western democracy.

Gamer's Real Brush with the Law [][pic by Robert Kitchin, The Dominion Post]


    maybe thats part of the reason out country is no where near as screwed up as yours?

    Wow this is the most petty and pathetic thing I've read all day. Obviously so little happens in NZ that cops go around chasing modders.

    Wow New Zealand, you're truly the laughing stock of the world.

    Hmm. Provocative journalism.

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