Kojima Jr: "Metal Gear Is Such A Shitty Game"

True story! In an interview with IGN, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has said a whole bunch of stuff about Metal Gear, including more teasing over the future of the series, how they've tailored Metal Gear Online for Western audiences and how he might consider a ZOE or Snatcher remake sometime in the future. But the best part? It's learning that Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops captures an entirely different, younger market in Japan than the console titles:

I have a son in that particular age group, the 13-15 year old age group, and he's been with me watching me create the Metal Gear series. But he has always criticized it: 'Oh, Metal Gear is such a s****y game.' Until the point I released Portable Ops. So these kids are really into these handheld machines, and my son is really into Portable Ops as well: the use of the WiFi, the ability to play anywhere, bring it to school, etc. So it seems like the middle school kids are really, really having fun with the PSP.

Course they are. It's like Pokemon for the PSP, but with guns. Much more enjoyable for the kids than that those wordy, "shitty" console versions!
MGS4 Hideo Kojima Interview [IGN]


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