Konami ID Dojo: Metal Gear Online? More Like Offline

Another week means one thing: More Metal Gear Online mess-ups! In today's extra special clusterfuck, Konami errors persist. We're getting word that even though the servers are live, but many are getting network errors up the whazoo or this message: "The GAME ID or password is incorrect. Unable to log into server.(0911:00000003)." Keep in mind, these folks are entering their correct user names and ids. Konami's running regular updates on the Japanese Metal Gear Online homepage about how the servers are getting overloaded and how sorry it is for the hassle.

Another thing to keep in mind: The Beta starts today! Hooray!! For those unable to log in, here's the online manual. You can read it and imagine the fun you'd be having. That is, if Konami hadn't dropped the ball and then kicked it across the room. We're sure Konami will figure out this internet thing sometime today, tomorrow or maybe even before the game goes on sale this June.

Thanks to all who sent this in.


    Unbelieveable..... I just wanna play

    IM SOOOOO OVER THIS SHIT, its 2:29 PM in australia, the beta started AGES!

    @ lee
    Im right there with you mate, i have been hitting "o" "x" over and over for the last 5 hours.

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