Konami ID Dojo: "System Is Very Busy Now"

Didn't much like the Smash Bros Dojo. Thought it was kinda stupid. Drip-fed, inane PR at its very worst, even. Nothing wrong with the format itself, though, which is much better suited towards cataloguing a clusterfuck, like the one Konami have orchestrated for their Metal Gear Online beta. Latest news from the front: the site itself isn't even working properly, let alone the beta signup process. We've had emails from users reporting that their application's keep pinging out, while my own application hasn't gotten any further than the message you can see above. Not very encouraging, this. If they can't handle some simple password sign-ups, what are they going to do when June 12 comes around?


    The thing I find absolutely hilarious about this is that both Konami and Hideo Kojima announced that this game would have to generate MASSIVE sales upon release (ie million+ sales first week) in order to break even financialy. Given that that is the case... Wouldn't it have been a great idea to be able to support that level of traffic on their servers??? this isn't even the full game yet, it's only a Beta test!! Absolutely retarded effort Konami. Those sales targets are looking really firm :)

    Perhaps you better go look up "Beta Test".

    What kind of fool writes, "I got involved with a Beta test and was disappointed because the game didn't work properly."


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