Konami's Boobs + Gradius Shooter Coming to Xbox 360?

If the cache for Konami's official site is to be believed, cute 'em up shooter Otomedius will get an Xbox 360 port called OtomediusG. For those not familiar with Otomedius, just keep McWhertor's simple formula in mind: Boobs + Gradius = Otomedius. The Konami cache reads:

Game XBOX360
Maker's suggested retail price: ¥66,486,980(Tax Included: ¥69,811,329)
Here we go!! Destroy them all!! *Temporary Display

Oh, in case you are wondering: ¥66,486,980 is about $700,000, tax not included. Hit the jump for shoot of the Konami cache.

OtomediusG [Konami Cache]


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