Kotaku Australia Originals: R18+ Classification Edition

ausglobe_01.jpgThat pesky R18+ rating issue! Why won’t it just go away? Probably because games are being discriminated against, adult gamers are being treated like children and the OFLC is being unnecessarily restricted.

But enough of that. We’ve made some headway – finally. Let’s look to the future now instead of the past, and start building on the progress we’ve made.

Before you do that, however, you might want to go back over the month just gone. Australia was a hot bed of gaming activity. Super Mario Bros. Brawl made its way to our shores via alternate routes, despite Nintendo remaining mum on an official release date. I got hammered and played poker at the Vegas 2 launch and Rockstar thought it’d be an awesome idea to charge $120 for GTA IV. You can buy a second-hand PS2 for that!

Official Xbox 360 Magazine parted ways with publisher Derwent Howard, but it made up for it with the launch of Ultimate Nintendo Magazine, which is a fair swap, if you ask me.

Kieren Perkins helped launch Wii Fit, Frontlines was briefly available on Steam before THQ whisked it away and three-way SLI showed itself to be, well, expensive.

Obviously, there was more that happened this month, but we’ll let you peruse it all at your own pace.

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You Want GTA IV Australia? That’ll Be $120, Thanks

Microsoft, Samsung Announce Asia Pacific Halo 3 Tournament, Includes Prizes Galore

Sidhe Talks About Sony’s PhyreEngine

Victorians Can Get Rock Band PS3 Too

Tantalus Looking For Talent, Industry Experience Not Necessary

Australia Gets Ultimate Nintendo Mag

Atari Steam Games? Not For Australia

Australian Wii Fit Launch, Now With Kieren Perkins

Derwent Howard, Future Split Confirmed

Derwent Howard To Lose Official Xbox 360 Magazine, Future To Enter Oz Market?

Why Michael Atkinson’s Opposal Of An R18+ Rating For Games Does Bugger All To Protect Kids, Promotes Crime

Civilization Revolution Xbox 360 Faceplate Has Famous People On It

Frontlines Gone From Steam For Oz Users, Shouldn’t Have Been There

Hand-Sprayed Frontlines Xbox 360 Elite Could Be Yours

Should You Buy 3-Way SLI?


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