Lars Ulrich Ponders Guitar Hero Signing Coolness

Rolling Stone magazine caught up with Metallica last week at their Record Store Day signing event in California, where they interviewed drummer Lars Ulrich, demonstrating the sort of hard-hitting interview questions that have made Rolling Stone a shining example of everything good about pop culture journalism.

You signed a lot of Guitar Hero controllers. Is that cool?

In response, I'd imagine Ulrich propped his leg up on a table and scratched his chin thoughtfully, pondering the level of coolness he'd experienced on that day.

It's fucking way cool.

Whoa. You just don't get that deep with People magazine...people. Then Lars went on to ruin the illusion by making a valid, heartwarming point.

Our kids love playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band. It's awesome. There's something really positive coming out of video games. It's so cool to sit there and have your kids talk to you about Deep Purple and Black Sabbath and Soundgarden.

Wow, he's right. That is fucking way cool.

Lars Ulrich: "We've Always Been Fiercely Independent and Controlling"
[Rolling Stone via videogaming247]


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