Last Day For GameStop GTA IV SE Preorders

A helpful GameStop employee has informed us that today is indeed the last day to preorder the special ultra hyper awesome limited collector's edition of Grand Theft Auto IV at EBGameStop stores across the country. Do you understand what this means? As we speak the extra bits they've thrown in to the SE bundle are fading away like a McFly family picture. Those of us on the East Coast, that you have approximately one hour to get to the closest store with a 9PM closing and put your money down, or you'll be stuck with just the game, without a spiffy lockbox to secure it. I contacted several of my local stores who have confirmed the fact, so you might want to hop on that.

Oh, and Dan from Perimeter says you should bring in your trade-ins to put towards the price of the game. I'm pretty sure Dan is a robot. Me? I preordered the regular edition, though I'm not completely ruling out mugging someone in a swag-induced panic come launch night.


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