Last Improvised Wii Wheel Post, Honest

OK, at risk of starting a deluge of copycat messages into tips, here's another kit-bashed Wii wheel. The reason this is worthy is a) the engineers are remarkably honest about how bad it performs, and b) they sound like three middle school-age at-risk kids and I want to encourage them to stay off the mean streets by building Wii wheels.

"If anyone ever needs another wheel, doesn't mind it handling a little bad and looking ... hideous, just remember that if you look through all that leftover rubbish and you might just be able to save yourself a bit of money," writes Lee Brady, whose friend Colin engineered the wheel. Lee and Shane were, I dunno, QA leads.

These kids prove that half the fun of mods is spending all day making something that an extra $US 15 will buy (though I think these blokes are UK, by the use of "rubbish"). They're working on another, with breakthrough technology that allows use of the B button.

kidsWheel.jpgLee writes:

"Colin (centre) after hearing Shane (right) and I (left) had gotten our hands on Mario Kart Wii (with Wheel), wanted to make a second wheel... himself. He came to us a few hours later with that thing basically. Made of Polystyrene and a pole for the handle, and covered in masking tape, we laughed and tested it out. It actually handles ... pretty awful. And the measurements were so wrong the Wiimote kept falling out until Colin got some cardboard string to hold it in. We helped out and made some minor adjustments, but really, nothing could make this thing any better.

"We've already started on a Mock 2. [Does he mean Mark II? Mach II?-Ed.]Mock 2 is, so far, lighter, smaller and even white! (say it isn't so!) This version too can also be made with just random objects you find around your house. It even allows use of the 'B' button! (Yup, playing with the original was just one big party...)

Well, with that sales pitch, why aren't we all doing that instead of ponying up the $US 15 — WHICH IS ALL OF £7,50, GUYS.... Sheesh.
Buy Another Wii Wheel? No, Make Another (Sorta) [Kotaku AU]


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