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While the Japanese are able to learn English with Zombies, we'll soon be able to learn Japanese with Virgin! Virgin Play is working on a new series of games for the Nintendo DS called Mind Your Language. With development overseen by the Berlitz language academy, Mind Your Language titles will be aimed at teaching 8-15 year-olds foreign language skills. They are working on five different flavors of the game - English, Spanish, French, German, and Japanese - with English and Spanish due out this summer, the rest following in the fall. While I have sincere doubts that a DS program will be able to hep you make significant headway in learning a language, the games could act as a fun supplement to actual classes.

Mind Your Language

No more pencils, no more books... just Nintendo's Stylus!

Madrid, April 9, 2008- Today Virgin PLAY, offers the first details on the new Mind your language series developed specifically for the Nintendo DS, turns language learning into an exciting fun game.

The Berlitz language academy with over 600 centres worldwide is overseeing the games development offering its linguistic and educational expertise to ensure the quality of the Mind Your Language brand. Currently Berlitz is collaborating with the English, French, German and Spanish editions.

Independent game developer Spiral House whose headquarters are in Liverpool, UK, will develop all 5 games in the series.

Mind Your Language will make learning fun and takes the chore out of studying. Targeted for the ages of 8-15 Mind Your Language is the first language game made for younger audiences as well as other generations.

Players will pass through 4 different levels each of which will become more difficult as their language skills improve. A variety of mini-games and a library where players can look up words and search for popular phrases in each language are an added plus.

The series will consist of 5 different languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Japanese. Mind Your Language "Learn English" and "Learn Spanish" will be the first 2 titles available just in time for the summer holidays. The other Languages will follow this autumn.



    Will the lessons be available in English?
    I looked up their website and it's in Spanish.

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