Legend Of Spyro Animated Film In The Works

While the Spyro the Dragon series has been steadily declining in quality since the original was released, one thing the developers have never skimped on is voice talent. Just look at the cast for the upcoming game The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. You've got Christina Ricci, Elijah Wood, Wayne Brady, Gary Oldman, and Mark Hamil - all amazing voice talents. In other words, you've got the makings of an amazing CGI movie, which according to Variety is in the works.

Velvet Octopus has a five-pic deal with producer Ash Shah, which includes two more 3-D projects, both CGI animated — "Outback," the story of a white koala bear, and "The Legend of Spyro," a spin-off from the best-selling video game.

Of course there are no details whatsoever other than the fact that a deal is in place, but if they can secure even a few of the series' top-notch voice actors I'd be glad to hand over my hard-earned monies for a couple of hours of purple dragon goodness.

Lichtenstein to direct 3-D action pic [Variety]


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