Majority Of GameStop Sales From Just Four Companies

GameStop announced their annual financials last week, which we won't bore you with now. What we will bore you entertain you with, though, are some numbers to come out of the release, which show that 65% of GameStop's sales of new products (as in, not pre-owned) come from only four companies. Indeed, Nintendo accounted for 21% of all "new product" sales across the company just on their own, with Microsoft (17%) and Sony (16%) not too far behind. The fourth company from the headline's EA, with 11%, perhaps the most impressive number seeing as they're not in the habit of selling expensive consoles. One more bonus fun fact: pre-owned games were the company's biggest earner, with 43% of the company's entire gross profits coming from the re-sale of your unwanted titles. Proof that if you really hate GameStop as much as you always say you do, you'll just hang onto your old games. That'll hit 'em where it hurts.
GameStop sales driven by a handful of publishers [GameStop][Pic]


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