Mario Kart Midnight Launch At Sam's Club

Looks like warehouse club chain Sam's Club had so much fun at their Super Smash Bros. Brawl midnight launch, they've decided to do another one, only this time for another game, because otherwise it would just be silly. Mario Kart Wii shall be the focus of this midnight launch, the second in Sam's Club history, with players and parents of players able to line up at stores across the country on April 26th to await the stroke of midnight and assuage their driving ambition. Don't have a Wii yet? A Sam's rep has informed us that every location will have at least 15 consoles on hand for the event, so you can kill two birds with one stone. The chain promises tons of copies on hand for the event, but you can always preorder at their web page, just in case. What they are trying to say here, is they want Sam's Club to be your video game store. Just don't try walking in without one of those membership cards, because their security will take you the f*** down.


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