Mario Kart Wii Likes My Pad Too

wiikart_big.jpgAnother guest has just moved into the Booker household, and while the controller it brought isn't as exciting as the one I got earlier, the game is very much welcome.

I'm going to get warm and cosy tonight and drive myself mad. Hopefully my flatmates won't be so tired from fighting intergalactic bad guys that they'll join in.

P.S. Anyone want the Wii Wheel?


    I'll take it.

    I've got alot of younger siblings that would love to drive like that =)

    Oooh! Oooh! Me! Over here!
    I'll take that stupid piece of redundant white plastic generally referred to as a 'wheel' off of your hands! Would be nice to have two around when I eventually get my mitts on this game. ;)

    Can i please have it :). would love to get it to use in EXCITE TRUCK.

    Look forward to hearing about how the game plays.

    Mario Kart DS will be hard to beat, and I don't think a gimmicky wheel or popping tricks on motorbikes will impress me much

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