Mario Kart Wii Sold 300,000 Copies?

This isn't confirmed, and we're going to have to wait until Media Create releases the "official" numbers, but apparently Mario Kart Wii moved 300,000 copies on launch day. To put things in perspective, Mario Kart DS did 160,000 at launch, while Mario Kart Double Dash did 180,000 on its first day.
Rumored Launch Numbers [Shinobi]


    Sharpfish, the stench you talk about seems to be on you, being in a Mario Kart Comments Forum. If you want to spank about the PS3 go elsewhere where others will agree with you. I will assume people reading this forum will be looking for stuff about Mario Kart, not trash about their equivalents on other systems.

    You have the choice, you go and play your Excite Truck look alike (TIC) and should you buy Mario Kart Wii, enjoy it :).

    You also say that Nintendo have dropped the ball on Wii but I actually think that they picked the ball up with the Wii and dropped it with the Game Cube. I am like you and have owned each Nintendo console from the NES (along with other systems) and think the game variety available to me with the GC was limited as opposed to the Wii. The Wii also appeals to my children which only adds value to it.

    Each to their own and stop the bagging of people's choices because they are not inline with yours. Grow up and get gaming!


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