Mark Rein Working To Make Xbox 360 UT3 Mods Happen

Unreal Tournament III on PS3 is mod-heaven. People are going bananas! But what about the Xbox 360? Microsoft previously stated it wasn't up for allowing mods. Where do they stand now, pre-release? Let's ask Mark Rein. Mark?

We're still trying. We're working with Microsoft to try to figure out how to support it, but regardless of what happens, mods will play a part somewhere along the line. We'll make sure we get a fair share of mods working. We'll figure that out.

Without allowing mods, Microsoft really seems to be missing a lot, no?
Mark Rein Interview [CVG]


    some of the best fun i had in the original UT was with fan-made mutators on fan-made maps... this game will suck on 360 if they don't bring some of them out...

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