Mass Effect PC Delayed To Late May

Bioware—along with development partner Demiurge Studios—has decided to delay the launch of Mass Effect for the PC. It's been pushed back to a May 28th release date in the US, and a June 6th release date in Europe. The delay will allow the development team to "incorporate more play-testing feedback, add extra polish and tune the additional features." But fret not, PC gamers. I've already saved the Universe on my Xbox 360. It was a bit jittery at times, but due to my quick actions, peaceful, intelligent life will continue to thrive. Take your time, Bioware. I can guard this shuttle craft all freakin' day.

Mass Effect PC Release Date Changes - New Date May 28, 2008
[Bioware via Shacknews] [image]


    DO NOT WANT!!!!!

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