Men, Women All Love The Nintendo DS

Which handheld is the most popular in Japan? Which one is most popular with men? With women? Questions! Endless!! Net Asia Co., Ltd. polled 401 mobile phone users ranging from 15 to 29 years old. Here's the breakdown by sex:

Nintendo DS Lite: 30.3 percent
Nintendo DS: 16.8 percent
PSP: 42 percent
Game Boy Advance: 6.7 percent
Game Boy: 3.4 percent
Game Boy Advance SP: 0.8 percent

Nintendo DS Lite: 52.2 percent
Nintendo DS: 27.4 percent
PSP: 8.8 percent
Game Boy Advance: 6.2 percent
Game Boy: 5.3 percent

Simple math tells us that 47.1 percent of men and 79.6 of women play the DS platform. Most popular place to play is at home, followed by the train or a friend's house. Our question: Who are these people still playing Game Boys?

Men and Women Portable Habits [Nikkei Business via Dtoid]  [Pic]


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