Metal Gear Online Is Ready For Download, Not Play

Bring your superfluous IDs and passwords! The Metal Gear Online beta is up and ready for download. Here are some pics from reader PlayingKarrde. The beta doesn't kick off until the 21st, so even if you download MGO, the game won't connect to the server. You can look at these title screens. There's another one after the jump. You can look at that, too. If you like.


    Any one is oz tried downloading the updaye yet? I cant get it to work any way i try.

    Yeah i got it straight away. The HTTP server method is no chance but if you leave the torrent method over night it works fine. Takes AGES but so best over night, was only 92 % when i woke up haha. Just in case you didnt know or havent had a chance yet you will need a Konami ID to sign in aswell by visiting took me two hours to get my konami id due to the servers inability to cope with the traffic so i would try getting yours asap instead of waiting til the day.

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