Microsoft Cutting Back On Arcade Ports?

It came straight from the horse's mouth. Well, almost. Famitsu reported that 5pb—a company working on LIVE ports of multiple titles, including some classic top-down shooters by Cave—is getting the cold shoulder from Microsoft. 5pb's Masaki Sakari explains:

Out initial plan was to port lots of good arcade titles to XBLA. We talked to IP holders of these titles, and persuaded them. We secured these licenses, and finally talked with Microsoft. There they rejected all of our proposals saying, 'We are going to cut down faithful arcade ports.' We felt so frustrated.

So was Microsoft just rejecting the top-down shooter and covering it with a polite, wider message, or are they rejecting arcade classics? I'm hoping for the former, because while I love original games, Microsoft has pretty much nailed their ports on LIVE.

5pb - 'XBLA rejected Ketsui and Dodonpachi'
[XBLAH via OpposableThumbs] [image]


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