Microsoft Makes Fools Of Us With Awesome Accessories

Microsoft had some fun at all of our expense over at their site. As part of a "What's Popping Up This Spring" promotion complete with pastel flower festivity, they announced four "new" products for pre-order. But before we get all giggly, let me be the first to say that this Xbox 360 Vintage Edition is actually quite awesome and should really be produced. Sure, the 100-or-so-button controller appears a but daunting. But it's made of wood. Real wood!

For the other three prank products, hit the jump.

Oh man, we really hope" that this is really a joke. Otherwise we just totally got scooped on Microsoft's latest 360s SKUs.

* Sorry fanboys, we're absolutely certain that this is a joke. Yes, we want a console helmet, too. Sure, it'd be better than a DS. No, you wouldn't be able to feel people chucking rocks at you since you are wearing head protection.

First Look For Our Long-Time Gamers [Xbox]


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