Microsoft: Others "Inviting Trouble" By Supporting Mods

Microsoft's group manager for the XNA platform, Chris Satchell, wants you to know that user-generated content can lead to bad things. Like cooties.

I think there's a potential risk on any platform where you're allowing...where you're running in what we call native mode, where you're writing straight to the metal, not a sandbox layer like XNA, and then that runs a script engine and you let people do that in that script engine.

He continues, calling a few companies out:

Any platform that let's you do that, and doesn't have the right security measures in place - whether it's Sony, whether it's Nintendo, whether it's Apple, whether it's anyone - you're inviting trouble, because sooner or later someone will want to prove they can do it.

I dunno, Satchell. Back in the day I gave my wife mono. If we hadn't kissed, she may have never gotten mono. But using that philosophy, she may have never gotten married, either.

Eurogamer has a much longer interview with Satchell if you hit the link.
Microsoft's Chris Satchell [Eurogamer via DCEumu]


    What the hell is he talking about


    great post lol

    user created content is bad??

    what a complete fucking idiot... no I dont care if u dont post my message, i just think thats more retarded then oh lets say..... HD-DVD being a idea

    another great idea by microsoft

    The people in these comments are idiots, this is a non-story. He's talking about a managed environment running on a VM vs native code. Unreal Script is an interpreted language, and has that security (hence, they arent mentioned) XNA runs on the CLR, microsoft's common language runtime for .Net Languages.

    He's talking about the dangers of allowing unmanaged code with direct memory management and such things, to be running on a console.

    Non-story. He's right. Stop turning a technical comment into a console flame-war.

    Yum, tastey FUD. I think I trust Epic and Apple more than MS to build an actual security model, rather than a "Are you sure?" sucurity model.

    In the full article all the "we're keeping you safe" style comments seem to me like he's overcompensating...

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