Microsoft's Signature Erasing Rampage Continues

Nine-year-old Kieran Price is the latest victim in a brutal Xbox 360 signature erasing spree from Microsoft's repairs department. According to the Nottingham Evening Post, the traumatised Kieran had a handful of signatures from WWE wrestlers removed from his Xbox 360 when it was sent in for repairs, despite mother Janet being told that they would remain intact. Autographs from John Cena and Michelle McCool, as well as an unspecified amount of bronzer were removed during service.

Microsoft has apparently planned to do right by the boy with the help of the World Wrestling Entertainment, gifting Kieran a free 360 game and getting mother and son backstage passes to an upcoming WWE event where the boy will receive an authentic piledriver. Exciting! Hopefully, Kieran will reclaim his old signatures and these dream-crushing maniacs obsessed with cleanliness will be stopped before they strike again.

Carlton Boy Meets Wrestling Heroes [Nottingham Evening Post - thanks, LanceJr!]


    poor kid, having wwe wrestlers scrible on his 360, good thing the company removed them, hopefully he can go to tna and get real wrestler to sign it lol

    I guess its cheaper to compensate these people than do what they actually asked for.

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