Molyneux Worries About Big Budget Games

Game designer Peter Molyneux worries. Always. If it's not this, it's that. And if it's not that, then it's that. This time Molyneux is worrying about money. Silly Moly, you work for Microsoft! You are swimming in money!! Still, he offers these concerns:

one of the things that you talk about is the sustainability of these huge, huge titles, and how close this model is, at the moment, with what happened in the movie studios when they stumbled upon the Cecil B. DeMille blockbuster — Quo Vadis, Cleopatra, all that...

And they suddenly turned from making films that cost five million dollars, into making films that cost a hundred million dollars. And that caused all the small studios to just completely shutter, for a long time, until they found a new way of working. You know, where everyone came together.

We like that Molyneux worries about this stuff. Takes a load off our minds!
Molyneux Interview [Gamasutra via CVG][Pic]


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