Monster Hunter's Sold 6.3 Million Copies

Capcom have just announced that they've sold 6.3 million Monster Hunter games. Yeah, you can say that's tempered somewhat by the fact the series has appeared across three platforms (soon to be four, when Monster Hunter 3 launches on Wii), but you can also say that the lion's share of those sales have been in Japan. Which makes the number a lot more impressive. Should be more impressive still in the coming years, with Capcom taking the time to suggest it will (and this is very unlike Capcom) be appearing on more platforms to come:

We believe that by bringing the Monster Hunter series to multiple platforms, it will help the franchise reach an even greater number of users eager for its unique gameplay.

Monster Hunter 360, then? Or DS? Oh come on, as if you'd actually be surprised.
Capcom's Monster Hunter franchise hits 6.3 million sales []


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