More About Final Fantasy Crystal Chonricls DLC

Moneybags who didn't flinch about shell out $US 15 for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles can buy all the downloadable content for a mere $US 13. Still, not that pricey, considering how all DLC for Xbox 360 THE [email protected] is easily over a few hundred bucks. According to Wired's Chris Kohler, here's a list of all the FF CC DLC:

* Three Races Pack (800 points): All three new races in one slightly discounted set.
* Lilty House, Selkie House, Yuke House (300 points each): Houses that produce new adventurers of the other three races in the Crystal Chronicles world.
* King's Change of Clothes (100 points): Crazy eyepatch pirate outfit for the King.
* Chime's Dress-Up (100 points): A new outfit for your assistant Chime.
* Sacred Shrine (200 points): A shrine that lets warriors temporarily buff themselves up.
* Gorgeous House (100 points): A big house that many different people can live in.

The game's DLC interface seems painless enough. The pricing, though, very painful.
Oh God, I Bought [Game|Life]


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