More Famous Shmups Get Capsule Toy Treatment

For those who either missed out on the first line of Shooting Game Historica gashapon or feel the burning in their collector loins to complete the line, please note that National Console Support has commenced with pre-orders for the second batch.Joining the line this go 'round are the R90 Ragnarok from R-Type III, R-Gray1 from Raystorm, Gaia from Star Luster, Geo Sword from Star Blade and.... Opa-Opa from Fantasy Zone! Opa-Opa looks to come with little feet and a teeny 16-ton weight. Precious! I don't think I've wanted a tiny plastic recreation of a video game thing that's normally much bigger since I laid eyes on that Nei from Phantasy Star II figure.

Shooting Game Historica Vol. 2 [NCSX]


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