More Haze Gameplay

G4 has been spending some time with a build of Haze on the Playstation 3 and created this video to show off some new bits of in-campaign play. I know the buzz on this game has been waxing and waning, but I remain intrigued with both the game's story and mechanics.


    Was intrigued by all the early buzz for this game, everything I've seen of it since makes it look like a pretty ordianry run of the mill shooter.

    When will the PS3 reach it's potential? I'm still waiting to see that killer game that no other system can handle, is it really going to take 6 years for the PS3 to reach it's full potential?

    I'm a PC gamer at heart, have a Wii and a 360 and I want to want a PS3, but I just can't justify it based on what's out there. Doesn't look like this one will convince me to fork out my cash on a sexy black box just yet.

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