MRIs Get to the Bottom of Wiiitis

Alright! More scholarly discussion of Wiiitis, a word I like because it breaks the rule of a word having no more than two vowels in a row. For those of you with subscriptions to Skeletal Radiology, move along. For the rest of us ...

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), ubiquitous in sports medicine, have been used to examine a healthy 22-year-old Wii player complaining of shoulder soreness after playing Wii Sports Bowling, in the latest thrilling epsiode of Skeletal Radiology. Blah blah blah, authoritative description of simple injury, diagnosis: Wiiitis. It's right there in the peer-reviewed paper.

"Awkward deceleration forces" are blamed for Wiiitis. Translation, swinging a Wiimote is not really the same as swinging a golf club at a phantom ball. With the Wiimote, you're putting the same force into an object that weighs fractionally as much, against zero resistance. And besides, when most people practice their swings with those clubs, they do it in slow-mo.

Here's a question for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. What is the "weight" of a lit lightsaber anyway, such that it has any? Did Obi-Wan get Wiiitis from "awkwardly decelerating" his blade?

Side note: For any fogey gamers who remember the good ol mercury-switch "Le Stick" from the 1980s, I swear my bro and I got Wiiitis playing Activision Decathlon — a quarter century before Wiiitis was discovered.

Magnetic resonance imaging of acute "wiiitis" of the upper extremity [SpringerLink, via GameCritics


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