Namco Bandai Editor's Day: Get Active with Active Life Outdoor Challenge

It seems like everything is health oriented with the Wii these days. Active Life Outdoor Challenge is what Namco hopes will be the first in a long line of "Active Life" titles. The "active" refers to the jumping, running and other various actions you must perform to get through the game's many mini-games. It is controlled with an proprietary pad that will come bundled with this first game and will be able to be used for the Active Life titles that follow.

I checked out a few of the 12 min-games that will be included in the final release including a Whac-a-Mole game that has you stamping on the pad to whack the moles, a roller skating game, a head to head log rolling game that has you jumping over...well, logs, and a co-op game where two players use balance to steer a runaway mine cart. All in all they games were somewhat interesting, but for me anyway the mini game thing is not quite my cup of tea. I also found the jumping recognition of the pad to be a little slow and you had to really anticipate the jumps. Hopefully this will be worked out before the game releases. Active Life Outdoor Challenge will come bundled with the pad for $US 49.99 this spring.


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