Namco Bandai Editor’s Day: More Soul Calibur IV

Namco Bandai Editor’s Day: More Soul Calibur IV

As we previously announced, the big news out of yesterday’s Namco Bandai Editor’s Day was the announcement of a US street date for Soul Calibur IV: July 29, 2008. Also announced was a special Collector’s Edition will be made available on the same date for both the 360 and PS3 versions. The Collector’s Edition will come in a tin box and includes an art book, a t-shirt, a poster and exclusive access to downloadable content only available in this special edition. Announced at the same time was the news that the Original Soul Calibur will be making it’s way to XBLA.

SC IV was on display for everyone to check out, but much like McWhertor’s experience at GDC, there were only a limited number of characters to play with. My choices were a bit different than McWertor’s however as I got to pick between Taki, Cassandra, Seung Mina and Hilde. I took Cassandra in hand and roundly bested my opponent (who’s name I will leave out to save them embarrassment, but You know who you are!) in three rounds. I was also able to check out a little of Hilde and her shiny armour before i had to give up the controller to the next journo in the long line. I really like her fighting style and plan on exploring them more extensively when the final release happens. Something tells me she will be in my regular roster along with Ivy.

The controls for the PS3 version were tight and familiar and I was glad that they hadn’t tried changing them up. The graphics were stunning as always and the really showed off the power of the PS3. A particular favourite was a large round arena with walls of gears and little mechanical men and carousel horses giving one the feeling of fighting in a giant cuckoo clock. The HUD has also received a makeover looking much tighter and sharper than it’s predecessors.

So, mark your calendars for July 29th if you’re in the US and if you want that Collector’s Edition, be sure to pre-order it. I have a feeling they will be going fast.

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