NASA Wants Second Life On The Moon

A sense of community is important to NASA. That's why they opened a NASA mansion for parties and just hanging out, hacking software and making Uranus jokes. But the NASA mansion was only good during the night. NASA's Andrew Hoppin explains how Second Life allowed connections during the day.

...we got employees from all around NASA - the 10 geographies around the country - showing up at these Tuesday afternoon meetings. We formed a community of NASA and non-NASA, started coworking in Second Life. Cultural change started to take place at the agency...

But Hoppin would like to see this cultural change happen far, far outside the agency:

We are all learning how to use virtual environments so when we go back to the moon, we can collaborate better. We can go for the ride in a participatory collaborative kind of way.

I can see it now. "We've lost thrusters, we're going down!!"

*NASA employee walks in with 10-foot clown penis*

"Am I late?"

NASA: How CoWorking Opened Us Up [psfk] [image]


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