NetDevil Half-heartedly Pokes At April Fool's

I'd like to say I saved the best April Fool's Day post for last, but then I'd just be fooling myself. The bad news is, all Jumpgate Evolution and LEGO Universe developers NetDevil managed to pull together for this festive day was a logo swap accompanied by a brief announcement.

Today, NetDevil announces a new name change to NetAngel. This new company name establishes a clearer link to our commitment to make immersive and socially responsible massively multiplayer online games. This change takes effect on April 1st, 2008.

Bleh. The good news? All the time they didn't spend going the extra April Fool's Day mile is time spent honing LEGO Universe into the best LEGO MMO it can possibly be. Always look on the bright side, that's what I say.

NetDevilAngel Home Page [Official Site]


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