New Duke Nukem Screen (Har Har)

Today, April 1st, 3D Realms released a new corporate logo plus new Duke Nukem Forever concept art. That, after the jump.

According to 3D Realms:

This is a new piece of conceptual art. One thing we weren't happy with in the teaser from December was the pig cop design. Shortly after the video was released, we happened upon a really hot new artist by the name of Alex Huenick. Here's Alex's take on the classic pig cop.

April Fool's Day or not, when pigs fly, yeah, I believe it.
DN4EVAR Screen Shot [3D Realms Thanks, Michael!]


    I think 3D realms work the opposite to everyone else: Everything they say is a joke, and on April Fools Day, they get serious. Clearly, Duke Nukem Forever is never coming out, but this hilarious pig man is real concept art they're using in something.

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