New Pokemon Game Hinted At

Guessing game time. The latest issue of monthly manga CoroCoro Comic has a teaser that runs a Pokémon timeline that hints at a new game going on sale this year. CoroCoro states there will be more info in the text issue. The chart lists each pair of Pokémon titles followed by the "remake." So, logic tells us it'll probably be a follow up to Diamond/Pearl Want to know went it'll go on sale? My guess is this summer in Japan, because they'll need a game to tie to the annual Pokémon anime. Kids on summer vacation need to stuff to watch and play!
Third Diamond/Pearl Game [Midnight Gaming via NeoGAF via DS Fanboy]


    so i hear about all os this pokemon dusk gold and dawn silver rumors on youtube people say it's 80% of a chance of a remake sure they should make it but my qouestions are is platinum first 3rd or diamond and pearl or dusk gold and dawn silver there are alot of pictures leading to be real but they are all fake.

    POKEMON PLATINUM!!!!! that's what it's called and it features giratina. go to and they have loads of screenshots and boxart and stuff

    its called pokemon platinum if ur interested in pokemon check out it has all the info u will ever need and is extremely trustworthy

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