New Zealand Eligible for Rockstar Competition, But Not Australia

port_comp.jpgWouldn't it be awesome if you could have your portrait done in the art style of Grand Theft Auto? Yeah, it totally would be.

Well, New Zealand, as long as you sign up for Rockstar's Social Club before April 29, then you're in with a chance. If you live in Australia however, you're out of luck.

Tipster Dom pointed us in the direction of the custom portrait's terms & conditions. Here's what they say:

Entrants must be (i) legal residents of the 50 United States, Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, and (ii) who are eighteen years of age on the date of entry.

Emphasis mine. You may not be getting the unedited version of GTA IV NZ, but at least you can enter this competition! Not really compensation, I know.

Now, this could just be an oversight on the T&Cs, or a legal matter that's out of Rockstar's control, so we're trying to get in contact with the publisher to confirm it. If this is not in error then... it's just not nice. At all.

UPDATE (18/04/2008): Rockstar Oz reckons it's a typo, but it's asking the mothership to be sure. Neat.



    Not nice at all if this is the case.....

    well shit, Rockstar really have it in for us Aussies huh?

    Maybe the president of Rockstar's wife ran off with an Australian and we're all paying for it?

    Nice catch guys. I signed up today, sure hope its not true.

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