Next Mortal Kombat Is...MK v DC?

Mortal Kombat fan site Mortal Kombat Online are claiming that this image (click for bigger version), supplied to them by "a source within Midway", is the first piece of official art from the next Mortal Kombat game. And yeah, as you can guess from the miserable, hulking guy on the right, it'll be a Mortal Kombat vs DC game. Out of love for the DC universe, I'm trying to both accept this is real and be excited about it, but...firstly, there hasn't been a decent Mortal Kombat game in over ten years, and second...hey guys, Capcom did this a little while ago. With Marvel. You may have heard of it. Little late to the comics crossover party, aren't we?
Mortal Kombat 8 is Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe [Mortal Kombat Online, thanks everyone!]


    Somehow I can't imagine DC allowing their characters to be violenty destroyed in graphic fatalities, but lets hope its true. I personally prefer Marvel over capcom and wouldn't mind doing some greivous bodily harm to some DC characters XD

    Whether it actually is real or not remains to be seen, but in the meantime, that is one terrible Photoshop job. Batman has a chin that would be the envy of even Jay Leno and their eyes have been cut out and replaced with flat white triangles.
    I agree with the absence of 'K' in collide... I really don't think Midway would forget such ridiculous marketing staple.

    Wouldn't the violence have to be tonned down? I doubt that DC would want there characters to be shown having there spines ripped out or burning to death, unless it's blue beetle of course

    It is definately real. I've seen footage and an interview with Ed Boon on gamespot. Check it out.

    i read about this game, or saw it on xplay, recently (last month at least)

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