Next Week's US Rock Band Tracks Require Many, Many Friends

Next week, the "HMX Pack" of Rock Band bonus tracks—previously only available via the Official Xbox Magazine—will be released from its physical confines and arrive on the Xbox Live Marketplace via digital alchemy. The pack contains the following trio of jams, each of which will be 80 Microsoft Points, bundled for 240 Microsoft Points. PlayStation 3-style Rock Band owners will get them on or soon after April 15, when the PlayStation Store reappears, for US 99 cents each.

  • "Rock Rebellion" by Bang Camaro
  • "Shake" by Count Zero
  • "Super Sprode" by Freezepop

We should note that Bang Camaro features approximately 14 lead singers, so make sure you have plenty of hard rock lovin' friends available to perform "Rock Rebellion" with authenticity.

DLC Week: April 8 [Rock Band Forums]


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