Nintendo Of America To Build Some New Digs?

Looks like Nintendo are up to something. First they sell a bunch of land on their Redmond HQ to Microsoft. Then they move a bunch of people to San Francisco and New York. It's almost as if they're hinting at something. Something like the fact Nintendo of America are thinking about moving house? Bet on it. The company's submitted a proposal with the City of Redmond to demolish seven smaller buildings on their current site and replace them with a single, enormous, 275,250 square foot one. The proposed new complex will feature an "auditorium, cafeteria and exercise" facilities, along with a large parking structure and (hopefully) some kind of private, secluded Pokemon Ranch. Beats duct-taping seven older buildings together! If your Nintendo fandom extends to interest in city proposals and tree preservation plans, you'll find links to those (and more info) below.
Notice Of Application [City of Redmond]
Preliminary Site Plan [City of Redmond]
Italian Plumber Plans to Build New House in Redmond [The Sledgehammer]


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