Nintendo To Increase Wii Production to 2.4 Million a Month

Demand for the Wii has been huge. Heck, according to Nintendo of America honcho Reggie Fils-Aime, Wii consoles sit on US shelves for only an hour before being snapped up. But, Nintendo of America's parent company Nintendo Co., Ltd. is playing things safe. Insiders tell us that it's planning to ramp up production, but only a little. Currently, Nintendo has the worldwide production of Wiis set at 1.8 million a month. Starting this summer, it will crawl up to 2.4 million per month. For those keeping score, the last time Nintendo hiked its output was in April 2007 and then later that summer. Seems that Nintendo's trying to play it safe, managing its risk as the American economy continues its downward slide. So 2.4 million a month seems about right. Because, you know, the moment there's Wiis stacking up on store shelves, it means one thing: Fad's over.


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