Nintendo Tried 30 Times To Reinvent The Wheel

Nintendo's official "Iwata Asks" segment is up in which Nintendo President Satoru Iwata interview Kenichiro Ashida, Hideki Konno and Shigeru Miyamoto about Mario Kart Wii. Fans of the series will enjoy the interview that's chock full of "(laughs)" from the Nintendo insiders. But what's particularly interesting is their discussion about Wii Wheel development. They spill some interesting factoid, like that they tested roughly 30 different prototypes. Some were not white, some were not perfectly round.

No matter your opinions may be of the Wii Wheel, the design process is always an interesting one. And these Iwata interview sessions always feel so happy that you've gotta wonder whether or not these guys are really kicking back with some cigars and a nice bottle of single malt scotch.

Iwata Asks: Mario Kart Wii
[Nintendo via GoNintendo]


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