Noitu Love 2 Out, Get

Here's a fun fact: I got a new PC yesterday. First entirely new one in about seven years. Dual-core 3ghz, 512MB 8800GT, the works. And the first game I played on it? Not Crysis. Not Company of Heroes. It was IGF finalist Noitu Love 2. Well, not even Noitu Love 2, the Noitu Love 2 demo. And I must say, it's pretty amazing. As a standard side-scroller, it's good enough, but bringing the mouse into play for certain attacks and moves (using both gestures and the cursor) is really what kicks it up from "good enough" to the aforementioned "pretty amazing". You should really go buy it. Then buy it again when the must-happen WiiWare version hits.
Noitu Love 2 [via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


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